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Virginia Houston

Virginia Frances Houston [B.Ed, BA, MA (Art Ed)] had a 30-year career in public education in Newfoundland (20 years in elementary, primarily in grades 3-6), where she commonly taught art for other P-6 teachers, as well as ten (10) more years as a high school art specialist after obtaining her MA from University of Southern Mississippi.

Following her public school career, Virginia taught art in the Memorial University extension program; at a Federal government minimum security prison; and operated her own school of Art and Art Education for another seven years before moving to Nova Scotia in 2003. In 2004-5 she authored a pair of historical art books entitled Timeless Treasures: Historical Newfoundland in Art, which still sell within the Atlantic Provinces and are prized by residents and tourists alike for representing historical architecture, landscape & lost communities of that province.

She has continued to paint and exhibit her art in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia to the present day, being a member of three art galleries and art associations within Nova Scotia. Her work has expanded from architecture and landscapes to include wildlife and farm scenes/animals of the Maritimes. Originally working in water-colours, she has transitioned to water-based oils and acrylics as her preferred media of choice.

Virginia has entered many juried competitions (including international) and has been a judge in competitive art exhibitions. Her paintings and prints sell widely to members of the public within North America and to personal, corporate and government organizations within Atlantic Canada. More recently she was commissioned by Agriculture Nova Scotia to paint the 2016 award winning innovative farm. Even more recently she has promoted the work of the iconic primitive painter, Maud Lewis, at the Winding River Art Gallery in Stewiacke, as well as being the chair of a major exhibition and multi-cultural event involving 150 regional artists and multi-media performers that helped celebrate Canada 150 on July 1, 2017.

Artist’s Statement

The subject matter of my main body of work revolves around rural landscapes and sunsets as well as urban life, including street scenes, city architecture and still life achieved in a realistic style. The inspiration for my paintings comes from many sources: including historical events, the decline of the fishery, the relocation of outport peoples, the physical landscape of a place and the people who live there.

Many of my pieces have been inspired by and made for individuals who have commissioned me to do them. I love everything and anything that’s artistic, whether it be sewing, knitting, woodworking, drawing, or painting because it makes me feel creative and productive, as well as being a new learning experience. I enjoy capturing landscapes and community scenes, wildlife and pet portraits on canvas or any other surface that’s available. Painting is for me a labour of love; I paint what I love regardless of subject matter; when I do what I love I don’t consider it work. I truly believe that painting for me is crucial for personal happiness and satisfaction.

Virginia is a member of Winding River Art Gallery in Stewiacke, NS, Artport Gallery at the Halifax Airport, NS and Fisherman’s Cove Gallery in Eastern Passage, NS. Her artworks may also be seen in her home studio and gallery. Virginia is a member of the Truro Art Society, Contemporary Art Society and Visual Arts Nova Scotia. Virginia's website

Colette Samson

Colette is a glass artist, operating Image Glass Studio in Shubenacadie East, NS. Working primarily in fused glass techniques such as kiln casting, fritography, and kiln carving, her work seeks to evoke an emotion, a memory, to reflect nature in color, shape, and texture. Her ongoing series Limestone Barrens takes inspiration from landscape earthtones.Colette creates her pieces with a practical use in mind, although, most collectors choose to display her pieces for the artworks they are. Her work can be found in private collections nationally and internationally, both in use and on display.

Colette trained under world renowned glass artists Jayne Persico of Hazelton, Pennsylvania (glass casting and Pâté de Verre), Jonathon Schmuck of Santa Cruz, California (advanced cold working), Michael Dupille of Seattle, Washington (Fritography- painting with powder glass) and Rita Neumann of Buenos Aires, Argentina (kiln cast sculpture). Colette also instructs in glass art and has recently designed and delivered a curriculum of training in fused glass for the College of the North Atlantic, NL. Colette is a juried member of the Craft Council of NL and the Nova Scotia Designer Craft Council, and a member of the Glass Art Association of Canada.

Gail Davis-           New World Publishing

New World Publishing i a small, eclectic company founded in 1995 to produce books “that make a difference in peoples lives”. From our inception, New World has used the maximum amount of recycled/post-consumer waste material available during the production of all of our publications. The bulk of our publications relate to the mandate of being Atlantic or Canadian in authorship, design, pre-publication and production.

All books produced since 1999 also bear the red maple leaf logo symbolizing 100% Canadian content and production.

The subjects of our titles are intended to help people with their lives (health, wellness, safety and self-esteem) and/or include historical, artistic and cultural themes related to the Atlantic region. A critical theme that flows through all New World titles is the commitment to environmentally conscious productions. All current editions use 100% recycled (post consumer) content and bear that label on the title page of all books. Beginning in 2008, our books have been Forestry Council Certified (FSC) as our further commitment to the environment. We are also committed to the principle of working with new authors, including seniors,  as much as possible. Our marketing efforts are regional, national or international as appropriate to the genre and specific title.

 We limit our development and publication to a maximum of eight titles annually to ensure quality of production and the ability to market and promote these works and their authors. As often as possible, we limit our national titles to one new production annually and spend a minimum of two to three years to market such titles within Canada or internationally, as appropriate. The remainder of our publications are regional in nature and dedicated to art, history and sport history within the Atlantic region. The bulk of our titles are non-fiction, but a small number of memoirs and regional novels have been produced as the company moves forward.


NOTE: Although we have published and still sell a limited number of children’s books, that aspect of our publication program had been reduced for the last five years. However, as of July, 2017, we have reinstated the acceptance of manuscripts of children’s fiction and limited number of novels for consideration. in acrylics and oils