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Congratulations to our members on their success @ the EHFAA Show & Sale.

1. Vera Carver - 1st place in its category - Mahone Bay Reflections
2. Sharon Findlay-MacPhee - 2nd place in its category - Baby Barn Swallow on Metal
3rd place in its category - In Awe of the Master Singer
3. Gail Davis - 2nd place in its category - Stopping for a Minute
2nd place in its category - Fundy Trail
4. Barb Hines - Honorable Mention in its category - Dragon Mountain





Maud Lewis lived in a tiny house by the side of the road near Digby, Nova Scotia. Although lacking many of the amenities of modern living, she painted happy genre pictures and memories of days gone by; much of this work by lamplight. Brought to National prominence via CBC TV “Telescope”, the “Star Weekly, Chatelaine”, the “Atlantic Advocate”, “Canadian Living”, “Readers Digest”, radio, TV and other media, Maud was unable to supply the demand for her work. Since her death in 1970 the value of her paintings has escalated many fold and her paintings are avidly sought by collectors.

Maud was self-taught and had an innate sense of composition and use of direct colour. She was a true professional in the vernacular style and her work is a continuing source of delight to viewers everywhere.

Below is the print of "Storms Never Last" Hunt's Point, NS by Virginia Houston

Below are the 2014 winners of the "Do You See What I See" Contest (Photo used was that of Steve Muise a consignment member of the gallery.)

First Place: Barnyard Boss
Second Place: Cock of the Walk
Third Place: Wise